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EP03 – Paid Media and Investment in Scale

How to successfully scale a media account.

With Erick Ramon – Published on 29/01/2020

In the third edition of Traktor Cast we talked with Erick Ramon, Head of Performance at Bcredi. We talked about the fast-scaling process that is happening in the startup, and how much of it comes through paid media.

What else we talk about:

– What are the motivations for working on a Startup

– What is the optimal team to scale media accounts

– A/B tests: where do they go right and wrong, and how to do one in practice

– How to manage a multidisciplinary Growth team

– The evolution of paid media strategies

– Why ads that don’t look like ads perform better

– Assignment Models and their interactions, and the new Google Attribution tool

– How to deal with much bigger and well-founded competitors than you

– When it makes sense to have a paid media agency or internalize? and a loooot more!

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EP 02 – Growth, Planning and Traction Channels

How to explore traction channels, Love Selling, the New Education and Blitzscaling.

With Ricardo DóriaPublished on 23/09/2019

In the second edition of Traktor Cast we had the pleasure of talking with one of the most incredible names of Curitiba entrepreneurship, Ricardo Dória.

We had the opportunity to exchange ideas about the first steps and the appearance of Aldeia, about the first traction channels used by it and much more!

What else we talk about:

– How the business idea behind Aldeia came into existence and how it has shaped itself over time;

– Which traction channels to use to gain initial traction;

– Learn about the sales methodology coined by Ricardo Dória: Love Selling;

– Understand how this methodology can fit into different sales teams;

– What is Ricardo’s vision about education and the new formats and models in the area;

– The term “blitzscaling.”;

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EP 01 – Growth and People

How to deal with your company’s most important asset in periods of high growth.

With Gabriel Colombo and Rodrigo AdanyaPublished on 12/06/2019

In this first edition of Traktor Cast and Valentine’s Day special, we talked about Growth and People with Rodrigo Adanya and Gabriel Colombo.

We discussed:

    • What is the best and worst part of dealing with people in organizations that are growing exponentially.
    • The key characteristics of companies that grow the company and keep the culture aligned.
    • How to structure the growth of a marketing team in a startup
    • Why did Gabe and Rô stop talking about working from home
    • How they propel each other’s careers within the relationship
    • What’s the right profile for recruiting in a high-growth company
    • What are the red flags (BIG NO-NOs!) when assessing a candidate
    • How to build a hiring pipeline
    • The difference between recruiting developers and other professionals (Spoiler: Your motivations)
    • How to set up a good Headcount
    • Where to learn management and leadership skills (without bullshit) and where to find content about it
    • What are the characteristics of a good mentor, and where to find one.
    • The good and bad sides of using a KPI to measure performance
    • How to create KPIs to metrify abstract concepts such as adherence to culture
    • How to beat OKRs and Goals without tearing your team apart

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